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Roaming - teachernot a fishing tour


The ship Hedgehog is a fishing boat with a decades-long tradition of catching fish. The way we fish is called trawling. In doing so, we use a towing rope, on which there is a hut, which slides along the bottom of the sea while the boat is moving, and in which fish are caught.

Tours are possible during the fishing season, from October to February, so don't forget warm clothes and shoes.

The tour takes 2 to 3 hours. We will show you the process from setting sail, lowering the net, hauling, raising the net and sorting the caught fish.

Our fisherman will be happy to introduce you to the fish and explain how to tell them apart.

The educational trip is intended for elementary school students, high school students, or individuals interested in the world of fishing and marine fauna.

The tour takes 2-3 hours. By agreement, we can add a panoramic drive to the Slovenian coast or end the cruise with a picnic, where we will bake freshly caught fish.



for school youth or adults

duration 3 or 5 hours

educational excursion at sea

in the period from October to February

display of roaming

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