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The wholemarigold picnics

We offer 4 and 7 hour fish picnics. While driving along the Slovenian coast, with the wind in your hair, past the beautiful cliffs of the Strunjan Landscape Park, we have a few stops for swimming. The time in between is dedicated to tasting fresh grilled sardines and calamari.


By agreement, we can take you to Izola, Strunjan, Piran, Bernardin, Portorož or Ankaran, use the time to walk and see the cities


As expected for a fish picnic, we have seafood on the menu. We will serve you grilled sardines,
grilled calamari and a cold drink. The local Malvazi wine goes well with the seafood, we have it for the little ones
raden, orangeade and water.

For all those who were not convinced by the menu, they can inform us in advance and we will do our best to prepare something else.



Driving along the Slovenian coast, with stops for swimming.

Food: grilled sardines and calamari, tomato salad, bread

Drink: wine, Radenska, orangeade, water.

Unlimited food and drink.

duration of 4 or 7 hours

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